VFLOW Services

The VFLOW Ecosystem of services aims to cover every aspect of value generation that can come through the Crypto Space. Specifically, we cover Trading, Tokenization, Decentralized Finance and Non Fungible Tokens. Each of the services addresses a specific niche market that is going to grow in the coming years.

Trading Technology

Firstly, our Trading Technology through the Trading Engine Software but our copy trading as well address a 22B  USD Daily Market. Many retail traders seek to win their financial freedom but cannot find the tools and education to do so. We provide a tested solution to assist them in their journey.

Tokenization Services

Secondly, our Real World Assets Token Pools and our tokenization services address a 17T Market. This is the size this market is going to reach in the coming years since investors are open to tokenizing their assets.

Decentralized Finance

Thirdly, our Decentralized Finance Platform will give us the ability to attract DEX Supporters who have walked away from exchanges. Our Smart Vaults assist our Users to navigate the DeFi jungle and find the best yields.

Non Fungible Tokens

Finally, our NFT’s Marketplace will give us the ability to create and sell NFT’s but also attract young creators that will kick start their careers with us.

The key to accessing our services is the VFLOW Token. By purchasing the VFLOW Token you unlock access to the services. Furthermore, you get revenue share airdrops and discounts. Specifically, you can stake your VFLOW Tokens and receive 5% annual APY and also part of the revenue share airdrop of the Companies Annual Profits.