Strong Warrior Fighter Collection


I’m Nefeli, a multi-passionate artist with a Master of Arts and dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Social/Behavioral Sciences. My journey blends creative expression and academic achievements, recognized on the Dean’s List for my dedication and excellence.

As a caregiver, I have provided empathetic support to children with unique needs in both the USA and Cyprus. In the digital space, I collaborate with a global company, focusing on web3 technology, gaming, and crypto services. This experience has shaped me into a digital entrepreneur and marketing enthusiast, exploring the vast online landscape.

Beyond the digital realm, I am an AI Art creator, freelance photographer, music enthusiast, and book lover. Additionally, I am the proud author of “TANGO WITH CAN-“SIR” (CANCER),” a testament to my personal battle with Neurobehcet’s disease and cancer. My relentless spirit drives me. I aspire to contribute my artistic flair to leading web3 and gaming companies. Moreover, I aim to establish the “Maria-Nefeli’s Hope Foundation – Be(A)LieVe” to support others battling cancer globally.

In an effort to combine my passions and support my journey, I am launching a 20-piece NFT collection. This collection is not just digital art; it’s a symbol of hope, resilience, and the power of creativity in the face of adversity. Each piece is crafted with love, reflecting my experiences and dreams. I have an unwavering belief in making a difference, one brushstroke, one story at a time.

By purchasing these NFTs, you are not only investing in unique digital art but also supporting my fight against cancer and my mission to help others. Join me in this journey, and let’s create a world where art, technology, and compassion intersect.