This is the Services Category that covers all our activities. VFLOW is a Utility Token that provides a series of benefits to its Holders. Specifically, the VFLOW Holders participate in a profit-sharing model. Additionally, they get discounts on success fees and gain access to the RWA Token Pools platform.

Firstly, Value Flow is creating a Crypto Services Ecosystem that will be powered by the VFLOW Token. Specifically, as the Crypto Industry evolves the opportunities that this market offers change constantly. Furthermore, no one can predict which is the next crypto services sector that will offer the best returns in the upcoming bull run. Simplicity and accessibility remain two factors that can unlock a serious value inflow to the Crypto Market. By this way people who now struggle to figure out how the crypto economy works will join the market.

Secondly, Value Flow will offer a series of services. These are: Futures Trading AI Bots. Security Token Offerings for Real World Assets generation. DeFi Smart Vaults. Crypto Lending. and Staking. The scope is to unify all these services under one roof so the VFLOW Holders can easily navigate and select the services that they wish to interact with. The range of services cover all crypto sectors so the users will be able to benefit from any of the services that booms during the next bull run.

Thirdly, Value Flow is powered by its internal cryptocurrency, the Value Flow Token (VFLOW), which functions as a utility token and a requirement for participating in the platform profit sharing model. The Users that hold VFLOW Tokens are eligible to receive the revenue share airdrops of the platform, they receive discounts in fees and a 5% APY for staking their VFLOW Tokens for 365 days.