Copy Trading Platform


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Copy Trading Platform

VFLOW Services is offering access to its Copy Trading Platform to its Clients. Particularly, through the Copy Trading Platform the users can connect their exchange accounts (with the use of API keys) and follow one of the VFLOW Bots. Furthermore, users that use the VFLOW Trading Engine and create their own strategies can publish their services on the platform. This takes place after a testing period. Additionally, the users can join the affiliate program and benefit from bringing in their friends and connections.

Specifically, users can follow our instructions in our Tutorials Page or visit the forums for more details about how to join the platform. Be extra cautious with your API keys and the way you handle them. Learn more about our services here.


Copy Trading Platform

API Connection

Firstly, you can connect your Exchange Account to our platform with the use of API Keys. Specifically, follow our instructions so you can safely generate your keys and connect to our platform.


Secondly, you can then select to follow any of our VFLOW Bots that are available as services. Particularly, we will offer BTC and ETH Bots but also MultiBots that combine positions in 17+ Cryptocurrencies.

Bots Strategist

Thirdly, you can use the VFLOW Trading Engine and design your own Bot. Specifically, you can then contact us, so we can test your strategy and then deploy it as a service in the platform under a revenue share model with you.

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