Copy Trading Tutorial

Welcome to our Copy Trading Tutorial. In this tutorial we are going to demonstrate how you can get access to our Copy Trading Platform. Connecting platforms through API features can be dangerous and involves risk. VFLOW Services will not be responsible for any problems that may occur in your exchange account. For this reason, we have created the Trading Engine Strategy in Trading View and shared the tutorial on how to use it. In this case you will be connecting Trading View with 3Commas and 3Commas with your Exchange Account through the Fact Connect Bridge which provides a safe connection between 3Commas and your Exchange Account (Binance, Bybit, OKX). Now if you choose to connect to our Copy Trading Platform here are the basic rules:

  • When connecting your Exchange Account make sure that you link to a Bot that is designed for the specific exchange. You will check that in the Bot Name.
  • Success Fees are set at 20% of the profits made. Invoices are generated monthly (counting from the day you connected). Make sure you pay them otherwise your account will be paused.
  • Check our Pricing Policy for the Account Tiers Levels and discounts on trading fees.
  • If you select to pay us in VFLOW Tokens you get a 20% discount on the invoice amount.

Step 1

Copy Trading Tutorial

Follow this link to register.

Step 2

Copy Trading Tutorial

You will receive an activation e mail. Click on the link.

Step 3

Copy Trading Tutorial

After clicking on the link, you will land on your Dashboard Page.

Step 4

Copy Trading Tutorial

Click on My Accounts and then ADD ACCOUNT.

Step 5

Copy Trading Tutorial

  • Account Name: Choose a name for your account. We suggest using the Exchange Name.
  • Exchange: Select an Exhange from the dropdown list. We currently offer Binance, Bybit and OKX options. For tutorials on how to generate your API Keys check here. Binance Tutorial, Bybit Tutorial, OKX Tutorial. In case of Binance remember to deactivate the security settings. In case of OKX remember to also input your passphrase.
  • API Key: Paste your API Key.
  • Secret Key: Paste your Secret Key.
  • Import Accounts Balance: Select a date one month earlier than the day you create the account.

Copy Trading Tutorial

If you have done everything correctly then you will see the Active label on my accounts page and after 5 minutes your balance will also be updated.

Step 6

Copy Trading Tutorial

Go to the Strategies section. Find a Bot that matches your Exchange Name. Click on the Bots Name.

Copy Trading Tutorial

In this page you can review the Bot stats. Make sure that it has the Exchange Logo in the description. In this page you will see:

  • Assets Under Management: How much capital the Bot manages.
  • Traders Personal Assets: How much the Service Operator has invested in the service.
  • Min Deposit: The minimum amount you can allocate to the service.
  • Max Deposit: The maximum amount you can allocate to the service.
  • Max Investors: The maximum number of Investors that can join the service.
  • Success Fee: The Success Fee of the Service.
  • Leverage: How much leverage the Service Operator uses.
  • Allowable Drawdown: The maximum loss the service is allowed to incur. If reached the service is paused and your account is unlinked.
  • Risk Ratio: The Risk to Ratio metric for the service.

Click on the Link button.

Step 7

Copy Trading Tutorial

In the pop-up window select your Exchange Account and then press LINK.

Step 8

Copy Trading Tutorial

Now go to your Dashboard. In the middle of the page, you will see the strategy that you are following.

Step 9

Copy Trading Tutorial

You can join our Copy Trading Referral Program. Click on the Referral Program on the main menu. On the left side you will find your affiliate links.

Here are our guidelines.

  1. We give 25% of our revenue to our Affiliate Partners. This means that out of our 20% Success Fees 5% goes to the Affiliate Network.
  2. We offer a 3 level Affiliate Plan. Your Affiliate Tree is available in your dashboard.
  3. The commissions are Level 1: 55%, Level 2: 30%, Level 3: 15% (out of the 25% of the revenues or 5% of the 20% of the Success Fee)
  4. You can request to get paid through your dashboard.

On the Dashboard you will see these options:

  • Dashboard: Your total earnings and button to request a withdrawal.
  • Referrals: A list of the users that joined through your affiliate link.
  • Tree: Your 3 Level Affiliate Tree.
  • Transactions: The payments made through your network.
  • Withdraw: A list of your withdrawal requests.

Step 10

Copy Trading Tutorial

To be able to request a withdrawal please click on your avatar on the upper right section of the page and then select Security and enable 2FA. Make sure to save your 2FA recovery code.

Step 11

Go back to Referral Program and then withdrawal.

Copy Trading Tutorial

In this window, please fill in the details below:

  • USDT: The cryptocurrency for your payment.
  • Choose Transfer Network: ERC-20 and TRC-20 networks are available so in this case you can use an exchange account address.
  • Amount: Enter the amount you want to get paid.
  • Wallet: Paste your ERC-20 or TRC-20 Deposit Address.
  • Click on the confirm statement.
  • Click on withdraw.

Step 12

Copy Trading Tutorial

To pay your invoices, click on your avatar on the upper right side of the screen and go to my invoices section. Find the pending invoice, click on pay and send USDT to the available addresses.