Real World Asset Tokens


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Real World Asset Tokens

Real World Asset Tokens are the next massive thing in the Crypto Space. Furthermore, the Tokenization of the Real Economy through blockchain is going to create a 16T USD Market. Additionally, by 2027 10% of the global GDP (7.8T USD) will be stored in the Blockchain. Whereas, to address this rising market VFLOW Services has created its Real World Asset Pools Platform.

Specifically, through this platform VFLOW Holders will be able to purchase RWA Tokens issued by Companies and Organizations. Furthermore, the platform will host RWA Token Pools from various industries. Meanwhile, in order to be able to access these Pools and tokens our VFLOW Holders must buy and stake 5% of the capital they wish to invest in the Pools in VFLOW Tokens.

Finally, our VFLOW Holders will be able to buy and trade these RWA Tokens in the platform secondary market.

Type of Security Tokens

Real World Asset Tokens RWA Pools Tutorial

Equity Token

Firstly, Equity Tokens represent the value of shares issued by a company on the
blockchain. Specifically, the difference between an equity token and a traditional stock lies in its method
of recording ownership.

Real World Asset Tokens RWA Pools Tutorial

Debt Token

Secondly, Debt-based security tokens represent debt instruments such as real estate
mortgages and corporate bonds. Particularly, the prices of these tokens are dictated by two factors risk
and dividend.

Real World Asset Tokens RWA Pools Tutorial

Revenue Share Token

Thirdly, Revenue Sharing tokens confer their owners a right to a portion of
revenues or fees. Specifically, these must come from the product/software they funded through the token acquisition.

RWA Pools Categories

Real World Asset Tokens


We focus on the tokenization of traditional financial instruments. Particularly we look for cases where funding is needed and cannot come from the traditional economy anymore.

Real World Asset Tokens


We focus on the tokenization of cargo ships financing. Particularly we are looking for cases where funding is needed for the construction of new cargo and commercial ships.

Real World Asset Tokens


We are focusing on the finance of construction or modification of new or used Yachts. Furthermore, we are also focusing on tokenization of Yachting Services and fleet management.

Real World Asset Tokens

Real Estate

Commercial Buildings or Luxury Residences tokenization is our primary focus. Furthermore, tokenization of existing assets and assets portfolio management is also a sector we are interested in.

Real World Asset Tokens


Energy and Carbon Credits are a huge market in which we wish to participate in. Specifically solar and energy parks tokenization is a primary focus for us.

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