Staking Rewards


    Stake your VFLOW Tokens and get double rewards

Staking Rewards

Staking Rewards.

Staking VFLOW Tokens offers a 5% Annual APY, allowing holders to earn rewards on their locked assets. This practice not only provides financial benefits but also bolsters the ecosystem’s stability and security. Participants in the staking pool contribute to the platform’s robustness, ensuring a reliable environment for all users.

In addition to financial incentives, token holders who commit their assets for 365 days are eligible for the Company Revenue Share Airdrop. This scheme distributes 10% of the company’s annual profits among them, based on the size of their holdings. Such a system not only increases their earnings but also aligns their interests with the company’s success.

The design of the VFLOW ecosystem emphasizes community engagement and mutual growth. Integrating staking rewards with profit sharing creates an attractive incentive structure. This approach encourages long-term commitment and active involvement in the platform’s development.

In essence, staking in the VFLOW ecosystem is an active investment in its future. It is a strategy that fosters community engagement and allows participants to share in the platform’s success. By providing both APY and profit-sharing opportunities, staking becomes a cornerstone of the VFLOW value proposition.

Staking Rewards

5% APY

Step 1: Lock your tokens for 365 Days and receive a 5% annual return.


Step 2: The VFLOW Holders that lock their tokens for 365 Days will also be eligible to receive two categories of airdrops. Firstly, they will receive a Company Revenue Share Airdrop (10% of the Annual Profits go to the Token Holders). Secondly, the Company will airdrop selected RWA Tokens to the top VFLOW Staking Participants.

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Staking Rewards