Trade Finance Liquidity Token


    A RWA Token designed to power global trade

Trade Finance Liquidity Tokens

Trade Finance Liquidity Token

VFLOW Services is proud to facilitate the creation of the first Real World Asset Token for Trade Financing. Additionally, this comes in the form of a Security Token and more particularly as a Revenue Share Token. The TFL Token stands for Trade Finance Liquidity Token.

Trade constitutes the backbone of every economy and 80-90% of global trade requires financing. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for around 90% of companies and more than half of the jobs worldwide according to the World Bank. It’s often those SMEs that are underserved and lack access to affordable trade finance.

The Asian Development Bank found that SMEs are disproportionately affected by the $1.7 trillion trade finance gap – the difference between the number of applications to finance companies’ participation in international operations and the number of approvals. SMEs account for 40%
of such rejections, much higher than their share of applications

6 Types of Trade Finance Solutions

Trade Finance Liquidity Token


Being one of the most popular forms of financing, invoice financing is where the seller obtains cash advance on invoices due at a future date. The debtor owes the financing company instead of the seller in this case. While big banks like Barclays, HSBC, Hang Seng, and O.C.B.C offer invoice financing, several alternatives entering the market are helping businesses grow with this facility.

Trade Finance Liquidity Token


PO financing finances the pre-shipment part of a business’s supply chain process. The purchase order works as the collateral in this case, as funds are
granted based on the PO issued by the buyer.


Supply chain finance (SCF) finances the post-shipment part of the supply chain process, covering a business’s end-end supply chain cycle. It helps unlock funds tied in supply chain tiers like forwarding, intermediaries, and other parties involved. This adds efficiency to the import-export
activities in trade finance.

Trade Finance Liquidity Token


Working capital financing is a perfect solution to fulfil a business’s short-term needs. Businesses seeking capital backed without an invoice or
purchase order can opt for this solution. The facility finances a business’s day-day operations to help them meet seasonal demands and cash flow requirements.

Trade Finance Liquidity Token


Ecommerce financing is the latest addition to the trade finance products list. Following the increased demand for marketplaces like Lazada, eBay, Alibaba, JD, Taobao and Amazon, alternative financiers created the eCommerce finance solution.


The letter of credit is a document issued by a bank. Letter of credit is a well-known, widely used trade finance instrument. It adds protection to international trading activities. There are several letters of credit available, depending on if for personal purposes or business requirements.

In order to learn more about this Token please open an account at the VFLOW RWA POOLS Platform and register yourself as an investor. We remind you that you must buy and stake VFLOW Tokens equal to 5% of the amount you wish to place in the offering.