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Trading Engine

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In today’s Crypto Market 85% of all trades are done by algorithms. Furthermore, the world’s leading banks control over 79% of the trading volumes. As a beginner but even as a retail trader you do not have the time nor the means to beat the market. Because it is the big players who decide when it is time to move the market. The solution is to be able to design, test and deploy your own trading bots. If you have time to spend then you should do it by using the best tool available.

The VFLOW Trading Engine is a trading software available as a strategy in the Trading View platform. It combines the most successful technical indicators, so you can make over three thousand combinations with just a few clicks. You can then back test it, optimize it and use it either to set up alerts or automate your trades by connecting it to any external platform that can send signals to your exchange account. It does not repaint and generates intrabar alerts.

Key Features

  • Moving Average Waves
  • Price Channel
  • Auto-Fibonacci
  • Smart Filters
  • AI Lines
  • Date & Time filter
  • Trade directions for Spot and Futures Trading
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss
  • Trailing Take Profit (ATR, Trailing Percentage, Secondary Take Profit Level)
  • 23 Buy/Long Parameters
  • 21 Sell/Short Parameters
  • 16 Stop Loss Parameters
  • Code Boxes to copy and paste code for trading automation (3Commas, Binance Futures etc.)
  • Fully Compatible for OKX Signal Bot. You just copy and paste your Signal Token.
  • It also works with FOREX and stocks.

Proven Results you can access

Most importantly we use this technology to set up our own corporate bots and provide full support and guidance to our clients. We can provide suggested settings and our own back testing results. Visit our Trading Engine Presets page to check out our settings for 16 Trading Pairs for Binance, Bybit and OKX. Open each setting, copy the chart and review the back testing results of each strategy.

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