The VFLOW Services Ecosystem

The VFLOW Services Ecosystem. We would like to welcome you to the beginning of our journey. VFLOW Services is a platform that offers a series of services designed especially for Crypto Enthusiasts. We decided to bring together the best experts and technologies in order for you to find all the services you seek in the Crypto Space.

More specifically we combine Centralized but Decentralized Services as well. Let’s take a closer look to what the VFLOW Ecosystem is going to offer you.

Trading Technology

Our vision is to become a Trading Technology Vendor. This is why we designed our Trading Engine, a Trading View Strategy, which will become a valuable tool for every trader. And this will happen because it offers you the ability to combine multiple trading strategies and techniques with just a few clicks. In the world of automated trading, you need the best tools you can find. Our scope is that we support you to design your own Bots. And if you do a good job, you can list your strategy on our Copy Trading Platform.

The Copy Trading Platform will soon be available and will be compatible with Binance, Bybit, OKX and BitMEX.


In our Real-World Asset Pools, you will be able to participate in new Token offerings that will have to do with the Traditional Economy. VFLOW Services offers the platform and regulatory framework so Companies can issue their RWA Tokens with us. After the issuance, these tokens will be available on our P2P Exchange Platform.

Decentralized Finance

The DeFi Industry has enormous potential, and this is why we will be offering a Vaults Platform. Our Users will be able to connect their hot wallets and design their own strategies or select some of our strategy templates.

NFT’s Marketplace

We will be launching a NFT’s Marketplace. There will be promoting specific collections that we are going to design along with your digital creators but also along with athletes and sport clubs. Stay tuned for our first collections launch.

The VFLOW Token

Our Token Holders will gain access to a series of privileges and discounts. Furthermore, the more VFLOW Tokens someone holds the biggest priority he/she will have in our RWA Token Offerings. Furthermore, our Holders are going to get revenue share airdrops and other privileges. This is our way to give value to the token.

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