VFLOW on Coinstore Launchpad

VFLOW on Coinstore Launchpad

Dear VFLOW Holders,

VFLOW on Coinstore Launchpad. Today is a great day for all of you that supported the project so far and especially for those who come from the swap process.

We are proud to announce that the VFLOW Token will be available at the Coinstore Launchpad and the trading pair VFLOW/USDT will go live after the finalization of the Launchpad.

During the previous months we explored all possible options, and we communicated with many exchanges. From the top ones to several exchanges that are currently trendy.

Our main goal is to have a successful launchpad that will give us the liquidity we are looking for as a project to be able to propel forward.

Our Strategy behind the decision

Many proposals on the table included listing fees but also big amounts of tokens for airdrops. What happens in many cases is that you see projects join launchpad platforms and see oversubscriptions to these launchpads (millions in USDT) so the users can get the airdrops. The project though does not raise any funds and in most cases must buy back the tokens that were distributed as an airdrop because this is what the users in the exchange will do the moment the trading pair goes live. This is something we wanted to avoid.

Background of Coinstore

We are proud to start our partnership with Coinstore. The Exchange began its operation in 2020. It numbers 200 international staff and 13 centers worldwide.

Coinstore is one of the strongest Exchanges in Asia with 82% percent of its user base coming from this region. It numbers 5M Application Downloads, 150K Daily Users and 1.7M Monthly Visits on the site. Furthermore, is has 428M 24H Trading Volume. Users from 175 Countries access the Exchange to explore new Launchpad Entries.

Our Launchpad with Coinstore is going to include several activities and will give the opportunity to VFLOW Services to raise funds and not give away tokens as an airdrop apart from specific rewards.

In the coming days we will announce the specific dates for the Launchpad and Listing. We would like to thank all of you for supporting us in this journey and the best period of VFLOW has just began.

Next Steps

We are also working on the launch of our 1st RWA Token as well as our second listing.

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