VFLOW Project Updates December 2023

VFLOW Project Updates July 2024

VFLOW Project Updates December 2023

Dear VFLOW Community, welcome to our second Project Update Report.

From now on all our Project Update Reports will be available through our site. This is because we want to offer all information through one channel and also boost the site traffic.

Token Swap

We would like to thank all the TFLOW Holders for their exceptional collaboration with the VFLOW Team. More specifically, 95% of all TFLOW Tokens are now back in the TFLOW Main Wallet and only a few Holders remain in the list to complete their swap.

The TFLOW/VFLOW Swap Page will remain available for any TFLOW Holder that wishes to swap their tokens at any given moment. So, if someone comes in late, they will still be able to swap their tokens.

The YXL Token Holders engagement in the swap will take place between Dec 6, 2023 and Dec 15. 2023

Token Airdrop

The TGE (Token Generation Event) is programmed for Dec 6, 2023. In that day the VFLOW Token will be created, and the tokens will be distributed to specific wallets and get locked with vesting options as for the Corporate Wallets and any other wallets mentioned in the whitepaper.

Furthermore, the Community Supporters 1st airdrop will take place on the same day.

Launchpad and Listing

The moment you are all waiting for is very close. We initiated discussions with 4 Exchanges (2 of them are in the Top5) and we submitted our applications, legal opinion, and Investor LOI. Now we are waiting to receive all answers, so we evaluate the best option for VFLOW and then make the announcement. We cannot commit on an exact date, but the estimation is that everything will be finalized in the coming days. Rest assured we did our best to secure the best option for VFLOW.

Furthermore, we are also in negotiations with the top Media Partner in the industry to start working together for our ecosystem’s growth.

VFLOW Services Ecosystem status

In our site you can see all our services. Here is their status.

Copy Trading

The Copy Trading Platform is open and there are two available services. The MBB (MultiBot Binance Bot) and the MBO (MultiBot OKX Bot).

The VFLOW MultiBot is also available as a service within the 3Commas Bots Marketplace.

Furthermore, we are planning to launch a series of VFLOW Bots (MultiBots and Single pair Bots) within the OKX Bots Marketplace. We will be using the new OKX Signal Bot service. For this reason, we will be launching an OKX Compatible Version of the Trading Engine within December.

Trading Engine

As we mentioned earlier, we will be launching an OKX Compatible Trading Engine Strategy through Trading View. We also published the latest version which now includes new functionalities for entering and exiting positions and scalping tools as well.

There is a tutorial which includes Trading Engine Bots presets which you can access here.

Our Team will be working on setting up a series of workshops for anyone which is interested in using the Trading Engine to set up their own Bots. The dates will be announced soon.

Furthermore, we are now offering a 2 Weeks free trial to anyone who wishes to try out the Trading Engine. Go to our Support Center, use the contact form, and send us your Trading View Username.

Real World Asset Tokens Platform

The Tokenization Platform and RWA Tokens Exchange are now operational but not yet open to the public. They will go live on the day VFLOW gets listed on an exchange. We have published the tutorial for the platform which is available here.

NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace is now operational and available here. You can find the tutorial here. The Marketplace supports the Binance Smart Chain for start and we will add other chains soon. We will be publishing our first collections soon.

DeFi Smart Vaults

Our Devs are doing some technical work on the platform and will update you about the launch date.


The Staking Program will become available after the finalization of the launchpad and the listing in the exchanges.

Dylan Medler Sponsorship Program

The VFLOW Foundation will be supporting Dylan Medler in the upcoming Ferrari Challenge Championship in 2024. We are planning to  launch special NFT Collections for Dylan and the Ferrari of Miami Team. We will be announcing more details soon.

Call for Strategic Partnerships

VFLOW Services is now open to strategic collaboration and is particularly interested in:

Trading Influencers.

FOREX Traders to join our Trading Team.

Stock Traders to join our Trading Team.

NFT Digital Creators.

Affiliate Partners to work on national level in their country.

People who can introduce Companies that wish to tokenize their business with us.

Anyone that is interested please contact us through the support center contact form.

Hacking and Phishing

Please be aware we will not ever announce, advertise, or promote any airdrop program. We will never share links in any social media or tag you in Facebook. By holding the VFLOW Token in your wallets you are automatically eligible to receive our airdrops you do not have to do anything.

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This concludes our second Project Update Report.