VFLOW Project Updates January 2024

VFLOW Project Updates July 2024

VFLOW Project Updates January 2024

Dear VFLOW Community, welcome to our fourth Project Update Report and first for 2024.

We want to share our warmest wishes for you and your loved ones for the new year!

All our Project Update Reports are available through our site. This is because we want to offer all information through one channel and also boost the site traffic.


We have signed a strategic partnership with OKX. As a first step we have launched a VFLOW Services Signals Page which you can find here. We have set up two MultiBots (6 Pairs, 16 Pairs) and sixteen Single Bots. All details about the Bots, back testing results and minimum deposit limits can be found here.

Our VFLOW 6 Pairs Bot is now public on the OKX Signals Bot Marketplace.

The Strategic Partnership agreement includes cobranded marketing activities and events.

OKX is suspending access to its derivatives platform in Europe until their MiCA Lisence is granted. This will be finalized in the next months. Our Bots service will be promoted to the Asian Market till then.

Old Accounts(opened before December 2023) from Europe in OKX are not affected. The tutorial on how to connect to our Bots can be found here.

We are also working on offering an alternative service till OKX Futures are open again. We will inform you with further announcements in the next days.

Launchpad and Listing

The dates are 15/2/2024 for the Launchpad and Listing on 18/2/2024.

New Productions and Marketing Activities

Starting from next week we will launch a series of new productions and broadcasts.

Trading Engine Workshops

Every Monday each week we will be broadcasting a special workshop for the VFLOW Trading Engine. It is free to join, and it will be in English and Greek. Two workshops in English and two in Greek each month. Our scope is to train you on how to use the technology to set up your own Bots.


Starting from 15/1/2024 we will launch the VFLOW Live Broadcast. In this production John Aslanis is going to present special guests from the Crypto Industry and discuss about new trends and future opportunities.

VFLOW Market Monitor

Starting from 15/1/2024 we will launch the Market Monitor Show. Every Friday John Aslanis along with special guests is going to analyze the market and discuss Trading Strategies and many more interesting topics around trading.

Join the VFLOW Community Campaign

Starting from 8/1/2024 we will launch the join the VFLOW Community Campaign. Everyone can participate in the campaign. After completing the tasks of the campaign all participates will participate in the draw to win an I Phone, two Ledger Nano S Plus and 20 Annual Subscriptions for our Trading Engine. Total Value of prizes is 8000 USDT!

Token Airdrop

On Monday 8/1/2024 we will send you the 2nd VFLOW Airdrop.

VFLOW Services Ecosystem status

In our site you can see all our services. Here is their status.

Copy Trading

The platform will remain operational for now with the MBB (Binance MultiBot) available as a service.

Trading Engine

The Trading Engine OKX Version is now available for anyone who wishes to use it to create his/her own Signal Bot in OKX in a few clicks. The tutorial is now available here. We will also provide all relevant information on our Weekly Workshops.

Furthermore, we are now offering a 2 Weeks free trial to anyone who wishes to try out the Trading Engine. Go to our Support Center, use the contact form, and send us your Trading View Username.

Real World Asset Tokens Platform

The Tokenization Platform and RWA Tokens Exchange are now operational but not yet open to the public. They will go live on the day VFLOW gets listed on an exchange. We have published the tutorial for the platform which is available here.

NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace is now operational and available here. You can find the tutorial here. The Marketplace supports the Binance Smart Chain for start and we will add other chains soon. We will be publishing our first collections soon.

DeFi Smart Vaults

Our Devs are doing some technical work on the platform and will update you about the launch date.


The Staking Program will become available after the finalization of the launchpad and the listing in the exchanges.

Dylan Medler Sponsorship Program

The VFLOW Foundation will be supporting Dylan Medler in the upcoming Ferrari Challenge Championship in 2024. We are planning to  launch special NFT Collections for Dylan and the Ferrari of Miami Team. We will be announcing more details soon.

Call for Strategic Partnerships

VFLOW Services is now open to strategic collaboration and is particularly interested in:

Trading Influencers.

FOREX Traders to join our Trading Team.

Stock Traders to join our Trading Team.

NFT Digital Creators.

Affiliate Partners to work on national level in their country.

People who can introduce Companies that wish to tokenize their business with us.

Anyone that is interested please contact us through the support center contact form.

Hacking and Phishing

Please be aware we will not ever announce, advertise, or promote any airdrop program. We will never share links in any social media or tag you in Facebook. By holding the VFLOW Token in your wallets you are automatically eligible to receive our airdrops you do not have to do anything.

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This concludes our fourth Project Update Report.