RWA Pools Tutorial

Welcome to our RWA Pools Tutorial. To participate in our Real World Token Offerings, make sure that you have at least 5% of the capital you wish to invest in VFLOW Tokens in your Metamask Wallet or in our Staking Contract. If you need support, contact us through the Support Center Contact Form.

Step 1 Create your profile

Visit our RWA Pools platform here and click on Create your profile.

RWA Pools Tutorial

Fill in your First and Last name as they appear on your passport, create a password, and click the tick boxes at the bottom of the form. Check your inbox to verify your e mail and then log in to the platform.

Step 2 Verify your account

RWA Pools Tutorial

Click on your name in the upper right section of the dashboard.

RWA Pools Tutorial

Select one of the available KYC methods.

Step 3 Enter your Bank Account Details and UBO Details

RWA Pools Tutorial

Go to settings and then fill in your bank account details. We also suggest that you set up the 2FA Authenticator to protect your account.

RWA Pools Tutorial

Click on Investor Ownership and declare if you will be the owner of the Real World Asset Tokens and fill in all the details asked for on the Beneficial Owner form.

Step 4 Connect your Hot Wallet

Go to connect wallet and connect your Metamask Wallet on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

The account you are going to connect will be the one in which you will receive the Real World Asset Tokens you purchase. Make sure you use the same account to hold and stake your VFLOW Tokens. Furthermore, through this account you will make the stable coin payment to purchase the Real World Asset Tokens.

You will also receive your dividends payments at this wallet address.

We strongly suggest that you use a Ledger Wallet for this Metamask Account.

Use the Support feature to send us your VFLOW Wallet Address so we can verify how many VFLOW Tokens you have in our Staking Contract.

Step 5 Select a Project

Go to Active Projects. Select any of the projects in the list to review its details.

Review all the details of the project and download any material that is provided by the token issuer.

Step 6 Sign Documents

You may need to sign specific documents before you purchase a Token. Go to Contracts/Documents and e-sign all needed documents.

Step 7 Purchase a Token (RWA Token Offering)

Go to wallet management. Select the project and token you want to purchase in Step 1.

Go to the Shared Blockchain Addresses section and select the token you wish to purchase from the dropdown list. Connect your Metamask Wallet as already described. Whitelist your wallet and import the Real World Asset Token in your wallet.

Review the available methods, download instructions, and send your FIAT or stablecoins to the addresses provided by the token issuer.

Step 8 Check the Calendar

Select the Corporate Actions tab and check out if any of the Companies that you have purchased a token from has scheduled any event, board meeting or voting procedure.

Step 9 Buy or Sell a RWA token (P2P Marketplace)

Go to Marketplace. If you want to buy a RWA Token, then select New Buy Order. If you want to sell a RWA token, select New Sell Order.

If you want to buy a Token select the date range of your offer, select the token, number of tokens and the price per token. If you order gets a match, there will be a swap and you will then have to check your Metamask Wallet.

Step 10 Dashboard

Wallet Management: Check your deposits.

My Portfolio: Check the Tokens and Projects you are connected to.

Active Projects: All the Active Projects and STO in the Platform.

News/Updates: Select any project from the dropdown menu to see their updates.

Contracts/Documents: All the Contracts and Documents you have signed.

Corporate Actions: The Business Calendar of the Companies that you have bought tokens from. Check for Board Meetings and Voting Procedures.

Marketplace: Our P2P Marketplace where you can buy and sell your Real World Asset tokens.

Messages: Your inbox that includes messages from the support team and the token issuers.

Support: Open a support ticket.

Investor Ownership: Fill in the Token Owner Details.

Settings: Fill in your Bank Account Details, change your password and set up your 2FS authenticator.

Tell a Friend: Invite a fellow user and receive rewards.