VFLOW signs commercial agreement with OKX

VFLOW signs agreement with OKX

VFLOW signs agreement with OKX. More specifically, VFLOW Services has signed a commercial agreement with OKX. Furthermore, VFLOW Services will become an Affiliate Partner of OKX and a Signal Bots Service Provider. VFLOW will offer 18 Trading Signal Bots through its OKX Page. 2 MultiBots and 16 Single Bots will become available to the OKX Exchange Users. The VFLOW MultiBots will soon become available at the OKX Signal Bots Marketplace.

More details about the VFLOW OKX Bots are available here. All Bots have been created with the use of the VFLOW Trading Engine (OKX Version) which is built especially to interact perfectly with the OKX Signal Bots Platform. More details are available here.

OKX is home to 480000 Global Bot Traders, produces 162M in Bot Trading Earnings and hosts over 10M Bots. VFLOW Services aims to attract new users to its Bot Services and raise the awareness around the VFLOW Ecosystem. The option to set up Trading Bots directly within the OKX Platform offers top security because of the absence of external API connections.